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Rahala Safari Hotel

The small hotel resort in the traditional Bedouin style lovingly managed by the Abed family is located in the heart of Farafra. At this very quiet place, far off the beaten track, you'll feel immediately at home and enjoy the experience of simply being there.

A choice of 12 comfortable double bedrooms is available to guests. The rooms are all well furnished with their own bathrooms and additional beds can be provided as necessary. The Rahala Hotel also offers many quiet corners where those seeking peace and quiet can withdraw. ...

The guest is invited by the inner courtyard and garden invite to linger and relax. A fireplace, large and small Bedouin pavilions, as well as a tea kitchen are provided for common use. We also offer our guests access to WLAN.

The design of the entire hotel facility bears the distinctive signature of local artist Badr Abd Al Moghny.

Our guests can look forward to delicious home cooking. The dedicated Rahala family endeavours to meet every wish of the guests with their natural hospitality, and will gladly support you in arranging your individual holiday programme.

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The Farafra Oasis is the ideal starting point for exploring what is arguably the world’s most beautiful cretaceous landscape, the White Desert National Park.

We, the Rahala Safari team, are experienced guides, who will accompany you safely and dependably. You may rely on our best efforts and competent organization. We are happy to create an individual safari programme, in line with your wishes and interests. ...

The spectrum of options ranges from a short trip at sunset, through excursions with specialist themes, to safaris lasting several days; without time-pressure with an off-road vehicle, camel or if preferred by foot.

We also offer guided geological or archaeological excursions. In any event, you will find the time to pause for a moment and to savour the absolute tranquillity. Take the time to marvel at the varied natural rock formations. Photographers and artists will find limitless motifs.

The safaris can be arranged with English- or German-speaking guides. The best period for desert-trips is from mid-September to mid-April. It is a good idea to bring suitable sleeping bag and thermomat, but it is not essential. There is no need for tents in the desert. Exploring the desert does not necessarily require a high level of physical fitness.

Direct transfer from Cairo to the oasis, even for small groups, is possible at any time. Public bus services now operate several times every day, but do however take more time. Admission and overnight stay fees have to be paid for the White Desert National Park. We attach a great deal of importance to sensitively handling the fragile ecosystem of the National Park. Desert safaris unfortunately all too often leave ugly traces in the White Desert National Park.

Some years ago the Rahala team therefore jointly started an initiative to protect the desert with desert guides of the Farafra and Bahariya Oases. It is our personal mission to present the miraculous landscape of the Western Desert to our visitors in an environmentally sustainable manner.

If you have any questions about the travel arrangements, please contact Andreas Torn, who is a qualified geologist.

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The Farafra Oasis

A visit in Farafra offers long walks through the wonderful gardens of the oasis. Numerous hot, predominantly artesian springs invite visitors to bathe, best of all under the starry sky, which is to be seen every night.

On Thursdays there is a fascinating market, where the farmers and merchants from the surrounding villages sell their produce. The unconditional hospitality, warmth and pleasure taken by the local people in music making are unforgettable. ...

A great experience is the visit to the local artist Badr Abdel Moghny in his studio close to Qasr Al Farafra. The small exhibition of the National Park Centre in Farafra is also well worth seeing as is the local weaving mill. The historic small fortress is sadly almost completely derelict and as yet no attempts have been made to reconstruct it.

The once relatively sleepy oasis is now experiencing something of a boom and with the development of the local infrastructure is becoming a major centre of agriculture in Egypt. These developments have caused changes to the village, creating numerous challenges. On the other hand, these changes have opened up new possibilities for excursions, for example to the Nile oasis.

Points of interest

Dakhla Oasis

A stay in the neighbouring, very clean oasis is to be highly recommended. In the El-Qasr area, in the immediate vicinity of the plateau, surrounded by peaceful gardens, you will find Hatem's Hotel. Hatem is a passionate cook, who loves to treat his guests to local culinary delights.


Travel report: Egypt’s White Desert

Read travel report (german)

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